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Deadline for abstract : 15th April 2020

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The special issue will explore, at a city regional scale (which includes cities within their regional context), how foresight, futures and visioning studies are being used to develop new spatial imaginaries and redefine strategic planning for both shorter and longer horizons. The critical questions here include: who initiates and controls city region foresight, futures and visioning? To what extent are these techniques embedded within existing formal and democratic forms of sub-regional government, or do they work better in alternative models of ‘adaptive’ or ‘agile’ planning?  How are established methods of futures / foresight studies being used in practice?  How might mainstream regional strategic planning and decision-making respond and learn from the city region foresight and visioning?

Guest Editors

Tim Dixon (University of Reading) :

Mark Tewdwr-Jones (Newcastle University) :

Joe Ravetz (University of Manchester) :

Geci Karuri-Sebina (University of Witwatersrand) :