This week energy-met group has a special seminar 4-5pm Thursday 25th February. This will be lead by Matt Deakin and David Greenwood from Newcastle University who work as part of the SUPERGEN Energy Network Hub. They will be talking about: 

Weather and Electrification of Heat – Impacts on Generation Capacity Adequacy

This work considers the impacts of the installation of one million domestic heat pumps on the evolution of GB peak electrical demand, particularly in the medium term (up to four years in the future, corresponding to capacity market auction timelines). Gas demand is used as a proxy for space heating demand, and weather variables known to impact on both gas and electrical systems are combined to develop a net demand hindcast based on 30 years of reanalysis data. Four years of heating demand growth increases sensitivity of demand to poor meteorological conditions by 50%; increased Bias and Variability of capacity targets could result in £100m overprocurement in ten years. Ongoing work to extend the method to consider a highly interconnected Northwest European Supergrid, whilst accounting for climate change, will also be discussed.

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