The Climate Change Committee invites you to sign up to their autumn webinar series: UK Climate Risk – State of the Nation. The series will explore the CCC’s recently published Independent Assessment of UK Climate Risk, focusing on some of the key sectors exposed to priority risks, important players in responding to climate risk and some of the key challenges raised in the assessment. They will bring you insights from authors of the technical report, members of the CCC team and expert panellists.

Please do sign up to register through the links for each event below.

8 September | Climate risk and adaptation: People, health systems and the built environment
This event will examine how our health and communities will be affected by climate change and the role of buildings in modifying these risks. Register here.

14 September | Climate risk and adaptation: The importance of nature and land use 
This session will consider the climate risks the natural environment in the UK is exposed to and its importance in supporting adaptation in a changing climate. Register here.

22 September | Climate risk and adaptation: Delivering resilient UK infrastructure
This webinar will look at exposure of key Infrastructure to priority climate risks and the urgent actions required to deliver UK infrastructure resilient to a changing climate. Register here.

29 September | Climate risk and adaptation: Financing a climate resilient UK
This event will examine how to overcome the barriers to making public and private finance available for adaptation. Register here.

6 October | Climate risk and adaptation: The role of business in delivering a resilient UK
Join this session to discuss the climate risks businesses are exposed to and the role of businesses, large and small, in delivering a climate resilient UK. Register here.

13 October | Climate risk and adaptation: Achieving Net Zero
A webinar looking at risks to delivery of Net Zero in a changing climate such as soil quality. Register here.

20 October | International climate risks and adaptation at COP26 and beyond
This event will discuss the exposure of the UK to international climate risks as well as the opportunity at COP26 to better integrate adaptation in global efforts to tackle climate change. Register here.

Each event starts at 10:00 UK time. Please see our website for the full list of upcoming events.