Doctoral training, where we began

Doctoral research provides a cornerstone for our research in the Built Environment and a significant strand in our work with industry.

The TSBE Centre was founded in 2009 as an Industrial Doctorate Centre, delivering an Engineering Doctorate (EngD) programme, supported by funding from EPSRC and numerous industry partners. The Engineering Doctorate (EngD) is a four year postgraduate award for Research Engineers (RE) undertaking an industry based research project. The programme includes a series of university taught modules and has proved well suited for engineers who aspire to key managerial positions in industry. The EngD is radically different from conventional, university-based PhD study as it is based on collaborative research between industry and academia. Projects are focused on the needs of the sponsoring company, with REs spending up to 70% of their time working out in industry and the remaining time at the University. The programme also develops the business skills of the researcher through additional professional training.

The research project(s) undertaken by our REs to date have concentrated within the areas of development and application of sustainable construction; renewable energy or energy management technologies, including their economic and social impacts. This has included the way in which the adoption and use of such technologies can be enhanced through procurement and other policy levers. These main research themes have been supported by research into innovative design; climate modelling, informatics; sustainable materials, sustainable development, business modelling, etc. from departments across the University of Reading

The TSBE Centre has worked with major consultancies, the construction industry, energy companies, local government and IT companies to mention just a few. Research for all these organisations keeps them at the cutting edge of their business. Research findings have been incorporated in the business practices of partners in sometimes surprising ways and many of our REs have taken full time roles with their sponsoring companies following graduation.

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