Industry Partners – working with us

There are numerous ways for innovative businesses to access knowledge or partner in university research. An essential first step is to identify and open discussion with the academic(s) whose knowledge and interests align most closely. The TSBE Centre offers a single point of contact to support such discussions for the School of the Built Environment.

Collaborative R&D projects Doctoral research
The mainstay of university research, funded projects
span from a single researcher for a year or two, through to longer duration, multi-institution consortia employing teams of researchers. Industry involvement can run from simply informing the question, through providing advice or data, to active involvement in undertaking or directing research.

With diverse funders, applications may be led by the academic or industry partners, depending on the
nature of research planned and funding sought.

Three-year, post-graduate student research projects can be ideally suited for companies recognising strategically important knowledge gaps in emerging areas. Sponsoring a PhD brings direct engagement with research contributing to knowledge at a global level. Part time options are available and various funding schemes can supplement costs.

As an alternative to open recruitment of students, PhD projects can offer an ideal development opportunity for existing employees. Wilkie Calvert studentships offer one route to support employees undertake part-time PhD research.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) Student dissertations
The University of Reading has a strong track record, working with this national, government-backed programme intended to help businesses achieve a
step change in competitiveness and productivity.
Projects typically last 2-3 years, involving the University and a recent graduate working in partnership with you. The researcher will be embedded within your business and will work directly to bring University knowledge to bear on the identified business goal.
All of the School’s taught programmes require students to submit a dissertation based on an individual research problem. Students choose their own topics, guided by research ideas from academics, who can include problems from industry partners. Such topics are attractive to students and can lead to valuable insights for all.

Our undergraduates carry out projects in their final year, starting in autumn and submitting during the spring term. Master’s students begin after Easter and submit during the summer.

Contract research / consultancy
Engage directly with expertise of specific academics.

Connecting with the wider University

We also work closely with cross-University support teams, not least the Knowledge Transfer Centre who offer a route in for businesses to access or partner with research for all Schools and departments.