About us

Meet the Team

Leadership team

Professor Chris Collins

Professor of Environmental Chemistry, UoR

Professor Henny Osbahr

Professor of International Development, UoR

Dr Zakir Hussain

Thematic Lead, Climate Change and Livlihoods, RySS

Vijay Kumar

Advisor and Co-Vice Chairman, RySS

Research team

Himabindu Anisetti

Research Coordinator, RySS

Dr Amanda Caine

Senior Research Fellow, International Development, UoR

Dr Sarah Cardey

Associate Professor, International Development, UoR

Dr Sarah Duddigan

Research and Teaching Fellow, Geography & Environmental Science, UoR

Dharmendar Gogu

Sr Consultant, Research, RySS

Jayna George-Thettayil

Young Professionalist, RySS

Kiranmai Jirra

Research Coordinator, RySS

Hamika Kaliki

Research Coordinator,         RySS

Rinchen Lama

Research Officer / PhD student, UoR

Sravanthi Ponnolu

Natural Farming Fellow, RySS

Rahul Sanka

Research Coordinator, RySS

Professor Liz Shaw

Professor of Geography & Environmental Science, UoR

Dr Tom Sizmur

Associate Professor, Geography & Environmental Science, UoR

Mohammad Sohail

Research Coordinator, RySS

Reshma Soma

Research Coordinator, RySS

Hari Priya Vattikuti

Research Coordinator, RySS

Dr Grady Walker

Senior Research Officer, International Development, UoR

We also have a number of Natural Farming Fellows working in the soil science team