ReMINDS Ecosystem

The ReMINDS ecosystem is a technology solution to enable the reuse of Medicines to reduce the impact of unwanted medication on the environment, reduce costs, and even help in the time of a national crisis.

Reuse is generally accepted by stakeholders (patients, pharmacies, industry) in the pharmaceutical sector when certain requirements could be met. Every stakeholder can play a crucial part in returning, validating and re-dispensing unused, unexpired prescribed medicines and those activities may be affected by their behaviours. The ReMINDS ecosystem is a technology proposal to facilitate shaping of stakeholders’ behaviours based on applying technologies on pharmaceutical packaging.

We have an open-access structured literature review paper discussing the translating factors affecting personal behaviours into technical requirement. Applying technologies on pharmaceutical packaging based on a novel ReMINDS ecosystem may be the key enabler for medicines reuse.

Terence K. L. Hui, Bilal Mohammed, Parastou Donyai, Rachel McCrindle, and R. Simon Sherratt (2020) Enhancing Pharmaceutical Packaging through a Technology Ecosystem to Facilitate the Reuse of Medicines and Reduce Medicinal Waste. Pharmacy, 8 (2). doi: 10.3390/pharmacy8020058

We are currently developing a prototype of our smart pharma-packaging, connected to the cloud. Details to follow…