Deep mapping Lough Boora – Artists and peatlands

Deep mapping Lough Boora – artists and peatlands

Tim Collins and Reiko Goto Collins have spent the past year visiting the Midlands of Eire undertaking a Deep Mapping of Lough Boora to inform the future development of this Sculpture Park.

Collins and Goto describe ‘deep mapping’ as, “an attempt to become conscious of a place and its multiple layers of experience, meaning and value.” They say that is ideally a collective exercise which requires, “a commitment to lived histories and current discourse, walking and talking with a wide mix of people wherever possible.”

One of the key points  of this work is to highlight the importance of peatlands and there’s some examples of artists and writers drawing attention to peatlands, working with scientists and communities, and representing peatlands to distant communities.

Read more on Tim Collins and Reiko Goto-Collins on Deep Mapping, ‘A dialogue about bogs, energy, art and landscape futures’ and listen to a narrative of the project.