WetlandLIFE workshop

WetlandLIFE workshop

The AALERT 4 DM and WetlandLIFE workshop aims to explore  and understand how arts-based approaches can help to inform landscape decisions, identifying barriers / opportunities and reflecting on how successful project outcomes and impacts are recognised.

The day will draw from the experiences of the UKRI funded interdisciplinary project WetlandLIFE to start a multi-voice conversation amongst a small invited group (20 – 25 participants) of stakeholders, academics (multiple disciplines) and artists. The workshop will be written up as an output of the AALERT 4 DM (Arts and Artists in Landscape and Environmental Research Today for Decision Making) project.


SESSION 1: What artists brought to WetlandLIFE

The purpose of this first session is to introduce the AALERT 4DM project, the WetlandLIFE project and set out the workshop structure, aim, objectives and outputs. WetlandLIFE will be introduced alongside a discussion exploring the contributions artists made to the project. This first session will provide the context for subsequent discussions later in the day.

10.00 – 10.20 am:  Intro to AALERT and WetlandLIFE Workshop Tim Acott / Eirini Saratsi

10.20 – 11.10 am: Arts and WetlandLFE. Conversations with WetlandLIFE artists Kerry Morrison, Helmut Lemke and Victoria Leslie facilitated by David Edwards

11.10 – 11.30 am: “The Bigger Picture” Chris Fremantle 11.30 – 12.00 Open Discussion – Chair Tim Acott


SESSION 2: Exploring stakeholders perspectives about art and landscape decisions: Small group discussions

13.00 – 13.05 pm: Introduction Tim Acott

13.05 – 14.30 pm: Small discussion groups to consider the following themes:

  1. What does Landscape Decisions mean and how are they influenced (focus on the 2nd part of the question)?
  2. What does arts-based research / arts practice mean to you in the context of landscape decisions?
  3. What are the opportunities / barriers for arts-based research in relation to landscape decisions?

14.30 – 14.55 pm: Feedback from facilitators and open discussion

14.55 – 15.00 pm: Conclusion Tim Acott


SESSION 3: Optional discussion on the role of arts-based research in landscape decisions and next steps.

This final session will be an informal discussion for those that can make it. It will draw together reflections from the day, think about the outputs and plan the next steps. Anyone who has been present during the day is welcome to join the WetlandLIFE artists and researchers to plan the next steps.

15.30 – 16.30 pm: Discussion on the role of arts-based research in landscape decisions and next steps

Discussion topics include:

  • How do we understand success in relation to arts-based research and landscape decisions / valuing nature?
  • How to collaborate between disciplines, academia, stakeholders?
  • What is the value of arts-based approaches amongst different stakeholders? Is this value different for academia, government, communities, land managers?
  • Given that we seem to live in a world dominated by empirical data / evidence how do we give weight to other ways of knowing?