Helmut Lemke

Helmut is a sound and environment artist. His work is driven by a passion to listen, and to respond to, and to share with, the environment.

Helmut responds to sound. Helmut co-creates sound with nature and with the elements. Sounds might be audible or imaginable. He might make, find, or create them. He is convinced that all sounds are interesting sounds, that sites have specific sounds, and that sounds are capable to represent sites. He is concerned with the quest to find methods to communicate landscapes through their sounds. This endeavour means that he has to find: methods to collect what he hears, a means to communicate his methods; tools, machines and/or installations to (re)create those sounds.
Helmut Lemke is an international sound artist who has presented site-specific concerts, performances and installations all over the world both as a solo artist and as a collaborator working with other artists including Sound Artists, Musicians, Dancers, and Visual Artists. He has collaborated with Scientists, Architects, Poets, Archaeologists, Entomologists, Geographers and wildlife Rangers, and has a deep understanding and knowledge of inter and trans disciplinary practice.

Helmut Lemke is one of the artists working with the WetlandLIFE project, part of the Valuing Nature Programme. As part of the #art4wetlands leading up to the Ramsar Intergovernmental Convention on Wetlands’ COP (Conference of the Parties) we are highlighting the role of artists in environmental research. In this piece Helmut offers his “thoughts on scientists, artists, collaborations”.