Phil Lambert

Phil Lambert is a Father of three young girls, a Visual Artist and engagement specialist with an interdisciplinary background across the Sciences and Arts. His Arts work shares and develops his understanding of Ecology, Sustainability, Philosophy, Learning and Creativity. His interest in Science has spanned Evolution of Human Behaviour, Perception, Ecology and Social Sciences. He enjoys working collaboratively across disciplines with other professionals to develop projects and find audiences.

His art work is shared through painting, workshops, installations and presentations. Recently the work has been focused around soil, doing observational painting using soil as a pigment and doing photographic prints developed from an old soil assaying technique that explores soil vitality.

Originally, he was drawn to soil as a protest. It represented something debased, dirty, over-looked and mundane. He enjoyed the challenge of making the most valueless brown material into something valuable. But, as he continued to engaged with soil it has shown him it’s beauty, depth, complexity, communities and life sustaining potential.

He works freelance for the Arts Council of Wales as a Creative Agent on their Lead Creative Schools Scheme. He also work Part-Time as an assistant to the Public Involvement Lead in the CASCADE research centre at Cardiff University. The centre is trying to improve the lives of care experienced children and adults.

Current or recent projects include;• ‘Soil Soul’ (provisional title) which is a continuation of his soil photography based work and aims to express the dynamic and vital nature of soil. This is an occaisional collaboration with a sound artist from Bristol UWE, Dr Mic Palmer• A series of nocturnes painted in the dark – which aim to express the sensations of being alone outside at night.• Turf studies, paintings of overlooked plants and weeds in the soil they are growing from.• Consulting for Cardiff University Biosciences department to support their Art Lab exhibition at Chapter.• Creative Agent for the Arts Council of Wales managing artist interventions in schools for the Lead Creative Schools Program.

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