The Concept

The motive of AALERT is to become a long-lasting network of communication and engagement that will advocate and promote the role of creative practice in landscape and environmental research and decision making.

It provides a neutral space where artists and scientists, academics and practitioners, and anyone interested in arts, landscape and environmental research today, can come together virtually, by contributing to this space, or actually by participating in a number of events, to interact, engage in critical dialogue, access resources and exchange knowledge.

The NETWORK reflects critically on emerging inter and transdisciplinary contributions to consider and articulate …

  • How do new interdisciplinary fora for landscape and environmental research today reinforce, elaborate or challenge prevailing norms and wisdoms, and deeper traditions, about the role and contributions of the artist and creative practices?
  • What distinguishes the contribution of the arts practices within interdisciplinary research in terms of advancing critical research practice?
  • How does this contribution relate to wider issues of research excellence as well as broader policy and practice contexts?
  • How do outcomes of arts research can become means for shaping knowledge and interrogating practices around landscape and environment issues?
  • How should contributions of arts research be best enabled and supported in the practical design and execution of research processes that seek to straddle and integrate knowledge, evidence and understanding across diverse disciplinary boundaries?
  • What factors in research design, problem framing, and knowledge exchange need to be accounted to animate, rather than diminish, the contribution of the arts to interdisciplinary research today?

The above questions outline AALERT’s main focus. The list of issues is not exhaustive by no means. We welcome new ideas and encourage debate across disciplinary perspectives and professional practices. You can get involved and participate with your ideas in the debate.