Nerea Ferrando

A passionate environmental scientist and visual artist who has a special interest in bridging the communication gap between science and the public through her research, environmental art, and science engagement.

Nerea has an interdisciplinary background, having studied Fine Arts and Biology in Spain, and Environmental Science and Sustainability in the UK. She went straight from her bachelors to her current PhD position after receiving first class honours at the University of Glasgow.

Nerea is now collaborating in an EU project that aims to protect urban forest and soils in order to make our cities more resilient to climate risks.

This initiative involves several universities and institutes, an international environmental NGO, and enthusiastic citizen scientist from a global bank who are helping with key data collection.

She is also working as Communication Assistant for the AALERT network.


Twitter: @FerrandoNerea

Personal SciArt website:

University of Reading: PhD Nerea Ferrando