Bev Broadhead

Living in a rural, coastal town, much of Bev Broadhead’s work is influenced by psychogeography and situationist theory. ‘The faster we walk, the more ground we lose’ (Iain Sinclair).

Bev Broadhead draws on the texts of Soja, Thirdspace and Kees van Deemter, Not Exactly: In Praise of Vagueness to explore the blurred edges of visual language and the representation of truth. Her interest in spatiality attempts to make sense of ‘our place’ in the world and points towards environmental possibilities.
Bev creates a visual language that swerves between abstraction and representation. Forms are often semi-recognisable, animated, and enigmatic. Bev paints to animate the inanimate. The world that emerges is often playful, comedic, and one where errors occur. Recent work focuses primarily on grids and repeating patterns that go astray.

Bev is curious to form a relationship with the surrounding environment, be it physical, psychological, or political. She hopes to highlight interdependence, frailties, and imperfections.