Dr Bram Thomas Arnold

Dr Bram Thomas Arnold is an artist who started with walking and kept going into performance, drawing, installation, writing, academia and broadcasting: he is currently an Associate Lecturer at Dartington Arts and Falmouth University and Creative Fellow at the University of Exeter’s Environment & Sustainability Institute where he is working on a transdisciplinary research project with the Trelowarren Estate on the Lizard, Cornwall. He studied the worlds first MA in Arts & Ecology undertaken at Dartington College of Arts and in 2016 finished his PhD with University of the Arts London, a practice-based study into walking, writing and performance, developing an ecological form of subjectivity: a way of being in the world whereby an individual exists within and amongst places: ones social, geographic and political contexts.

This philosophy expresses itself through a practice, Romantic in its outcomes and Conceptual in its methods, that does not restrict itself to traditional boundaries, mediums or modes of practice, a responsive way of being and making that is composed of and by its present context. He has exhibited broadly in the UK as well as abroad in exhibitions from New York to St. Petersburg. His practice based PhD was published by the University of the Arts London in 2016. Previous exhibitions include: This is The Future, Chiltern Sculpture Trail 2003; British Art Show 6, Newcastle, 2006; Deptford X Festival, London 2006; Conflux festival of Psychogeography, New York 2008; Artisterium, Tbilisi, Georgia 2012; Performance Writing 12, Arnolfini, Bristol 2012; Sideways: a festival of walking, Belgium 2012; Remote Performances, Scotland 2014; HIDE, Secret Garden Party, Cambridge 2016; Hermitage / Taking My Own Advice, Newlyn Gallery, Cornwall 2016 and Unbounded, Eden Project, 2020.