Mina and Alkistis

Quokka is an artistic duo of two sisters, Alkistis
and Mina, who complete each other as artists and human beings. They joined forces during lockdown in early 2020, while trapped in their shared apartment in Athens, Greece (still trapped).

Quokka is their common ground for constant creative experimentation, using their combined skills and variety of mediums, to speak for an equitable world of diverse abilities and unlimited possibilities. A healthy universal society of human beings, who can experience beauty and freedom in a harmonic relationship to nature!

Alkistis is a multidisciplinary artist, well rooted in the art of theatre and dance/movement, experimenting with video, photography, poetry and conceptual writing. She calls herself a Life’s Alchemist, because her true talent is transforming her experiences into art! Her main focus at the moment is the exploration of the idea of Poetry N’ Motion.

Mina is a researcher, architect/maker and visual artist, mainly working with photography (film, digital), bricolage and poetry, for the creation of Visual Narratives on subjects inspired by landscapes, flowers and traditional heritage. She is also learning to do magic along with her sister 🙂