For parents

At the heart of our project is the voice of parents and lived experiences of returning to paid work after the birth of a child. We will also engage with  other key stakeholders including  employers, charities, health professionals and policy makers, so that we can get to the heart of workplace issues and to ensure that our research can be put to practical use.

How can you support the project?

If you are a parent you can support the project in several ways. If you have given birth since January 2018 you will be eligible to take part in our mother’s survey, interviews and focus groups. You can fill in our survey here and we will provide details of how to sign up to participate in interviews/focus groups in due course. There will also be opportunities to provide feedback on the project and our findings. If you would like to be kept informed about updates to the project, opportunities to be involved and to find out about events, sign up to our mailing list (you can unsubscribe at any time).

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Return to Work Tips

Our research participants have been offering some return to work tips

  • Know your legal entitlements and don’t be afraid to ask for what you need
  • Don’t worry if your child will not take a bottle, both your body and your child will adapt quickly to you returning to work, it will work out!
  • Be prepared that your child may feed more when you are reunited and particularly during the night
  • If needed invest in the best wearable pump you can afford

Useful Breastfeeding and Work Resources

Please find some links to some useful guides and tips if you are working/returning to work and are wanting to continue to breastfeed

NHS Advice Maternity Action Advice La Leche Advice Breastfeeding Network Tips NCT Advice