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Linux Managed Desktop Service

Note: the following desktop is a remote desktop and users need to connect with their PC / Mac. ACT supports the services, but do not provide the personal desktop hardware.

Linux Desktops


The Linux Desktop service uses NoMachine NX to provide access to Linux desktop environment software running on a set of servers, via client software running on office desktop computers.
The main purpose of the Linux Desktop Service is to facilitate the use of the Research Processing service for Windows and Mac users.
Using the NoMachine software, you’ll have to first connect to Read more…

The only Linux desktop applications supported by IT are the following terminal emulators: gnome-terminal and xterm.  Other Linux desktop applications may be installed but no support for their use is available from IT.

How to access

The NX service is available to all staff and students.  However, from January 2021, if you haven’t used it before, if you require off-campus access,  you will need to request it by sending an email to

See user’s guide.


The Linux desktop service is free of charge.

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