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The Reading Research Cloud is a platform for server hosting which runs virtual machine (VMs) on University owned servers, The platform is comprised of servers with a combination of: high end CPU, GPU, Memory and  SSD Storage. Also all the servers are connected by a reliable high speed network. This means that the platform is flexible enough to meet the users research requirements while being available at an affordable price.

The Research Cloud is managed by a self-service portal. Because of this the user can provision and configure servers to their own needs. We also offer a set of standard templates which can be used and adapted by the end user.

How to access

Initially, access to the Research Cloud can be requested by contacting your IT Business Partner. We are in the process of producing Self-service forms so that requests can be made via the IT Service Portal.

Research Cloud Pricing

Users can calculate the costs for using virtual machines or storage by combining the basic units below as required.

  • CPU – £68.00 per core per year
  • Memory – £34.00 per GB per year
  • Data Storage – £274.00 per TB per year
  • GPU – £125.00 per GPU per year (640 CUDA Cores)
  • Offsite backup for VM – £60.00 per TB per year

These costs have been certified for use with research councils. VAT will be charged for external entities.

The below table shows costs for some typical configurations which are comparable to costs on public clouds.

Typical VM Prices

Annual Cost VM Configuration
£136.00 1 core, 2 GB RAM
£272.00 2 core, 4 GB RAM
£544.00 4 core, 8 GB RAM
£1,088.00 8 core, 16 GB RAM
£2,175.00 16 core, 32 GB RAM
£4,351.00 32 core, 64 GB RAM
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