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The University of Reading Subscriptions Portal

Owners and managers of shares on the Research Data Storage and projects on the Reading Research Cloud can use the subscriptions portal to find out information about their shares and projects. The portal will be continually updated to add more functionality.

To do this, share owners and managers can access while on campus or off campus via the VPN or the NX web player by connecting to first.

The above screenshot shows the login page of the subscription portal, access is with the university username and password.


1. Research Data Storage

Once logged in, users can see the research data storage shares they own or manage under the Data Storage tab, see the example below:

Expanding the payment ledger panel reveals more information about the share, such as the expiry date and the transaction history on the account, such as renewals/payments and any changes to size.


2. Reading Research Cloud

Similarly, under the Research Cloud tab, project owners and managers can see details of their resources on the Reading Research Cloud, as shown in the example below:

The project details button reveals more in depth information the resources.

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