Other projects

One of the research lines at the Department of Classics at the University of Reading, along with the Ure Museum of Greek Archaeology, and in partnership with various colleagues from other institutions, is music in antiquity, of which dance is an important facet.

The museum hosted the 11th MOISA meeting in 2018 and an exhibition on Music and Materiality. To make the subject accessible we created an online exhibition available on our website (https://collections.reading.ac.uk/ure-museum/explore/online-exhibitions/well-tempered-lyre/) and a parallel resource in collaboration with Museum in a Box (heart.museuminabox.org).

We have also developed a similar online didactic resource but focused on ancient Greek dance (heart.museuminabox.org) which showcase the iconography relevant to its study in our collections.

Moreover, another project linked to sensorial archaeology, Cyprus in 3D, has revealed how 3d printed replicas of Kamelarga figurines – which seem to be holding food offerings and musical instruments – can encourage visitors’ engagement. While “playing” with the replicas, visitors created stop-motion videos to explore dance in archaic Cyprus.

Stop-motion video with 3D printed replicas of our Cypriot figurines