Prof Benjamin J Whalley

Prof Benjamin Whalley is a Professor in Neuropharmacology and Director of Research within the School of Pharmacy. His research interests lie in investigating neuronal processes that underlie complex physiological functions such as neuronal hyperexcitability states and their consequential disorders (e.g. epilepsy, ataxia and dystonias) and learning and memory. A significant component of this research has been the development of experimental platforms that combine biological (in vitro) and machine (robotic) systems to produce ‘animats’ as tools for investigating the cellular correlates of complex CNS functions. Prof. Whalley’s work has identified cellular mechanisms underlying the effects of anticonvulsants in clinical use, with two components of cannabis identified and characterised by Prof. Whalley are now being developed in Phase II and Phase III human clinical trials as treatments for drug-resistant paediatric epilepsies.

Academic Appointments

Professor of Neuropharmacology

Pharmacy Director of Research, GW Pharmaceuticals Ltd