BEL members volunteered at another exciting outreach event this week, showcasing EEG and physiology demonstrations to Year 10 students. Ioannis, Orla, Harry and Cat from BEL and Yuhan (neuroscientist) and Harry (zoologist) from the School of Pharmacy packed up their gear and headed over to St Bartholomew’s in Newbury to talk with kids about science careers and showcase some of the research we do at Reading. The school was holding a Science Day for the Year 10s and they were joining us for our session in rotation with Biology, Physics and Chemistry demonstrations from other groups. Over the course of the day, we spoke to ~120 students about physiology – what it is, how it works and where it can be used. Every student had the chance to try on an EPOC, see their brain waves on screen and use the EPOC to control the computer. We had a lot of opportunity to speak to the kids in groups about their chosen careers, how they feel about science or research, and answer any questions they have about life at university. All in all, a great day out for us and hopefully an exciting experience of science for the students!

(l-r) Harry F. WIlliams, Ioannis D. Zoulias, Yuhan Hu, Cat Scrivener, Harry Eberle, Orla Fannon