Enhancing Fieldwork Learning Showcase Event 2019

Enhancing Fieldwork Learning Showcase 2019 School of Agriculture, Policy & Development, University of Reading, Rooms 1L06 & 1L08 You are invited to attend and contribute to the 9th Annual Showcase...Read More >


Poaceae: He’s singing our song!

This is a public talk given by Dr Jonathan Mitchley, Associate Professor of Field Botany at the University of Reading, who, under his web persona Dr M, composed the Poaceae...Read More >



In 2014 the idea developed of posting a Tweet, blog and Facebook entry for one plant related to Christmas for each day of advent.  At the end of that year...Read More >

Botanical University Challenge 2020

Ness Botanic Gardens Neston Road , Little Neston, Neston

Botanical University Challenge was the brainchild of John Warren, Jonathan Mitchley (aka Dr M) and Paul Ashton and the first event took place at Kew Gardens in March 2016 and was chaired by James Wong.  The second challenge was held...Read More >


Tackling the roots of plant-blindness

School of Geography University of Leeds Leeds

Plant blindness (the inability of people to recognise and identify even common plant species compared to a generally reasonable ability to recognise animals) is a major problem. Fewer university courses...Read More >


Summer School For Aspiring Plant Scientists

South London Botanical Institute 323 Norwood Road, London

3 days of tasters in botany, biology, horticulture and related subjects (NB bursaries are available to cover costs of attendance) An action packed 3 days for school leavers going on...Read More >


Celebrating Botanic Gardens: Past, Present and Future

Zoom Webinar

Oxford Botanic Garden celebrates turning 400 with an incredible, online, international symposium. We are partnering with Oxford Botanic Garden to celebrate their 400th anniversary! ‘Celebrating Botanic Gardens: Past, Present and...Read More >


Botanical University Challenge

Zoom Webinar

Come online and watch University teams competing to answer questions about the fascinating worlds of botany and plant science in this popular contest invented by Dr John Warren and Dr...Read More >