Former Group Members

Jess Lyon
Jess Lyon joined the group in September 2020 as a Research Assistant researching the responsible innovation of autonomous robots for the Robot Highways project. She has a BSc in Biology from University of Sheffield and an MSc in Climate Change: Environment, Science and Policy from King’s College London. She is now working at the University of Sheffield as a Research Assistant for Dr Ruth Little, to assist Defra on the co-design and development of the Environmental Land Management scheme. Jess has maintained her links with the University of Reading and works alongside Dr David Christian Rose as well as Dr Ruth Little in a research team examining engagement with harder to reach stakeholders for the co-design and development of UK agricultural policy. Her research interests include a variety of environmental and conservation-based subjects, specifically those that focus on linking scientific theory and evidence  to policy and management.


Dr Rachel Smith
Dr Rachel Smith is an experimental psychologist who has joined the group as a Research Assistant between January-March 2021 on a farmer behaviour change project for Defra. She received a BSc (Hons) in Psychology from the University of Liverpool and was awarded with the British Psychological Society Undergraduate Student Research Assistantship Scheme. She then obtained her PhD on the implicit and explicit effects of unhealthy food marketing, with a public health perspective, from the University of Wollongong, Australia. She most recently undertook a Post-Doc position at the University of Reading to conduct quantitative consumer studies for EIT Food. Her academic interests include consumer behaviour, nutrition and new product development. She is now working on an EIT Food project in FNS at the University of Reading.


Dr Catherine Price
Dr Catherine Price is a sociologist who joined the group as a Research Assistant in January 2021 to work on a project with BEIS on the UK agri-tech landscape followed by a project for the Centre for Effective Innovation in Agriculture. She received a BSc (Hons) in Environmental Science and an MSc in Science Communication and Environmental Decision Making from the Open University. She received her PhD in Sociology from the University of Warwick. She has held post-doctoral positions at the University of Warwick and the UEA. Her research interests include agricultural technology adoption, the social and ethical impacts of agricultural technologies, relationships between humans and the more-than-human world, and the environment. She is now working at the University of Nottingham with Dr Carol Morris and Professor Paul Wilson.