Dr Jeremy Burchardt (PI)

For several years I have been working on a monograph on popular experience of landscape in England, c.1870-1960 (Lifescapes: Towards a deep history of landscape).  This is now being revised following readers’ reports from Cambridge University Press, expected publication 2021.

2021      Burchardt, J. (2021) Far away and close to home: Children’s toponyms and imagined geographies, c. 1870 – c. 1950 Journal of Historical Geography, 69. pp. 68-79.

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Professor Paul Readman

I am currently working on a project exploring the relationship between history-writing and the embodied experience of landscape. I am also PI on the Redress of the Past, an AHRC project on historical pageants in twentieth-century Britain, one of the concerns of which is the connections between landscape, place and the understanding of history.

2021      Walking, and Knowing the Past: Antiquaries, Pedestrianism and Historical Practice in Modern Britain History

2020      (ed.) with A. Bartie, L. Fleming, M. Freeman & A. Hutton, Restaging the past: Historical pageants, culture and society in modern Britain (London: UCL Press)

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Dr Paul Brassley (University of Exeter)

2017      P.Brassley (2017) Devon Farming in the 19th century, article for the Moor Than Meets the Eye project, at

2016      P. Brassley (2016) ‘Electrifying farms in England’, in P. Brassley, J. Burchardt and K. Sayer (eds), Transforming the Countryside: the electrification of rural Britain, London: Routledge, ISBN 978-1-4724-4127-0 (hbk), pp. 83-114

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Dr Andrew Butler

2021      Butler, A., E. Ångman, Å. Ode Sang, I. Sarlöv-Herlin, A. Åkerskog and I. Knez (2021). “There will be mushrooms again” – Foraging, landscape and forest fire.” Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism 33: 100358.

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Dr Ollie Douglas

Related Projects / Outputs

Land and Folk, The MERL Seminars (2018)

Museum of the Intangible, Designation Development Fund (2017-2018)

Sense of Place ProjectEsmée Fairbairn Collections Fund (2011-2013)

What to Look For, Exhibition and Seminar Series (2012-2013)

Looking at Landscape, Exhibition, Symposium, and Public Event (2010)

Dr Keith Grieves

2018      ‘A perfectly unspoiled site of priceless beauty’: Lord Francis Hope, Leopold Salomons and Box Hill, 1894-1914’ Surrey Archaeological Collections 101 (2018) pp. 1-29, ISSN 0309-7803

2017      ‘Patriotism in things of beauty’: Thomas Cecil Farrer, historical continuity and liberty in the Surrey countryside’ Surrey Archaeological Collections 100 (2017) pp. 163-185, ISSN 0309-7803

2014      ‘Useful war memorials, landscape preservation and public access to the English countryside: fitting tributes to the fallen of the Great War’ (co-authored with Jenifer White) Garden History. Journal of the Garden History Society 42: Suppl. 1 (autumn 2014) pp. 18-33, ISSN 0307-1243

‘Commemorating the fallen in Surrey’s Open Spaces after the Great War’ in C. Horner and N. Mansfield (eds.) The Great War: Localities and Regional Localities (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle, 2014) pp. 77-95, ISBN 978-1-4438-5652-2

2008      Leith Hill, Surrey: Landscape, Locality and Nation in the era of the Great War’ Landscapes Vol. 9 (2), (autumn 2008) pp. 45-69, ISSN 1466 2035

Professor Ysanne Holt

2020      ‘Rethinking Place at the border through the LYC Museum and Art Gallery’ in Tim Edensor, Ares Kalandides and Uma Kothari, eds., The Routledge Handbook of Place, (Routledge, 2020).

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Professor Matthew Kelly

‘Habitat Protection, Ideology and the British Nature State: The Politics of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981’ (forthcoming, English Historical Review)

2019      ‘Introduction’ and ‘On why the UK’s first National Park might have been in Ireland’ in Matthew Kelly (ed.), Nature and the Environment in Nineteenth-Century Ireland (Liverpool University Press, 2019)

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‘The fragile birth of the Nature State in post-war Britain’ in Graf von Hardenberg, Kelly, Leal & Wakild (eds), The Nature State: New Approaches to the History of Conservation (Routledge, 2017).

2015      Quartz and Feldspar. Dartmoor: A British Landscape in Modern Times (Jonathan Cape: London, 2015)

Professor Simon Mortimer

2021      Vittis, Y.Gadanakis, Y. and Mortimer, S. (2021) Optimising the spatial and production input features to improve efficiency of hill farms. Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems. 730614. ISSN 2571-581X doi:

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