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This page is for the details of our research – the take home messages, what we did in detail and links to the published data

For a more general overview of our research, see Our Research page.

Psychological Approaches to Accommodative Problems (+ Patient Info Sheet )click here

For more details of the 2017-2021 EUSCREEN Project click here


If you are an optometrist, optician or other health professional dealing with prisms  in orthoptic and optometric practice, “Optometry Today” filmed a talk I did at 100% Optical in 2019 – and it’s now available on YouTube

If you would like to see how we collect the data we have published, here is a 10 minute talk about the method

I have prepared some Mini-Lectures for the International Orthoptic Association  too

Retinoscopy – the very basics

Screening for Amblyopia Risk Factors – some difficult questions

Publications with a short summary of each and a link to the full article where available.

Publications are listed most recent first: