Folklore or Evidence? 2016 International Orthoptic Congress Burian Lecture

Horwood A Strabismus 2017:25(3); 120-127


This lecture outlined how our research has changed how we think about many aspects of orthoptic practice.


The theme of the 2016 Burian Lecture is how our understanding of strabismus has been changed by the research carried out in our laboratory in Reading over the years. Accommodation and convergence are fundamental to orthoptics, but actual responses have often been very different compared to what we had expected. This paper outlines how our laboratory’s understanding of common issues such as normal development of accommodation and convergence, their linkage, intermittent strabismus, anisometropia, orthoptic exercises, and risk factors for strabismus have changed. A new model of thinking about convergence and accommodation may help us to better understand and predict responses in our patients.