Independent and reciprocal accommodation in anisometropic amblyopia

Horwood,A, Riddell,P. JAAPOS 2010;14(5),447-44

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  • We describe a case of a child whose anisometropic amblyopic eye “anti-accommodated” while the fellow eye accommodated normally

Accommodation is considered to be a symmetrical response and to be driven by the least ametropic and nonamblyopic eye in anisometropia. We report the case of a 4-year-old child with anisometropic amblyopia who accommodates asymmetrically, reliably demonstrating normal accommodation in the nonamblyopic eye and antiaccommodation of the amblyopic eye to near targets. The abnormal accommodation of the amblyopic eye remained largely unchanged during 7 subsequent testing sessions undertaken over the course of therapy. We suggest that a congenital dysinnervation syndrome may result in relaxation of accommodation in relation to near cues and might be a hitherto unconsidered additional etiological factor in anisometropic amblyopia.