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  1. We the undersigned, both as concerned citizens and as professionals working in the fields of medicine, law, and ethics, affirm that the protection of freedom of conscience and religion is essential to a liberal, pluralistic, and tolerant society.
  2. Freedom of conscience in general, and of religion in particular, have in recent decades been under sustained and increasing assault in many societies professing to be liberal, pluralistic, and tolerant. This is most clear in the field of health care. Attacks on it have involved: the disciplining or dismissal of doctors, nurses and other health care workers; the financial punishment of institutions such as care homes; the compulsion of employers to provide health insurance on matters contrary to conscience; and discriminatory employment practices against conscientious objectors to various forms of medical treatment.
  3. We therefore call on our professional colleagues, and on all citizens of liberal societies, to join us in support by adding their names to this declaration.

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