Anna is a feminist political geographer interested in technological visibilities, volumes, relations and futures. Her research approaches these issues through the lens of the drone, exploring the unmanning of everyday, urban and military life in drone age.

Diversifying drone stories project

Anna recently led an Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) New Investigator Award. The project, Diversifying drone stories, explored how drones may be (re)shaping and disrupting airspaces and everyday life. In examining the domestic drone’s mediation, governance, and securitization of UK skies and everyday life in it’s midst, the project engaged with diverse stakeholders, understandings, and experiences of dronified airspace. It is interested in both potential drone benefits and opportunities, and misuses and harms. The project ran from December 2021 – July 2023. Please get in touch with Anna if you would like to discuss this project or Anna’s wider work (details under contact tab).