IoE Doctoral Supervisors

As a PhD student at the University of Reading’s Institute of Education (IoE), you will be part of a vibrant and diverse research community, working alongside leading experts within the research field of education.

Below you will find a list of IoE potential PhD supervisors and their research interests. You can also learn more about research projects of some of our staff here.

If you would like to learn more about pursuing your PhD research at the IoE, please click here. If you would like to learn more about our graduated and current PhD students, please click here.

(Please note that if you are applying to do an EdD, a supervisor will be allocated to you by the programme.)



If you are interested in pursuing your PhD research with us, the initial step to make would be to apply online using the application system, and for this application to include a research proposal. It is important that you take a look at the supervisors and their research interests listed below before making an application, so that you can see whether we are able to provide supervision in your area of interest. You are welcome to contact a potential supervisor before applying but we need a formal application before we can interview you or offer you a place. Please follow the link for all the relevant information on how to apply online.

If you need any further assistance, please contact the Postgraduate Research (PGR) Administrator (Sophie Hughes) at in the first instance.

Supervisors Research interests 
Dr. Rebecca Berkley music education, creative musicianship and choral education; leadership in music education including conducting training and music teacher education; music in schools with a focus on the creative learning environment and problem solving as a mode of learning
Prof. Helen Bilton outdoor teaching and learning environment, in particular in relation to the early years, gender and oral language development; playtime; roles and responsibilities of teaching support staff
Dr. Fiona Curtis

(Please note that Dr. Curtis is not taking on any new PhD student in the 2022/2023 academic year)

mathematics education; learning processes; mentoring
Dr. Maria Kambouri

(Please note that Dr. Kambouri is not taking on any new PhD student in the 2022/2023 academic year)

children’s aspirations; gender stereotypes in early years education; parent-practitioner partnerships in early years education; teaching and learning science in early years education
Dr. Yota Dimitriadi


technology; disability
Prof. Alan Floyd


career trajectories; distributed leadership; higher education leadership; leadership development; perception and experiences of being in a leadership role; professional identity
Dr. Naomi Flynn


English as an additional language; pedagogy in multilingual classrooms; migration and education; policy and practice for the teaching of English; research-informed teaching
Dr. Catherine Foley mathematics education
Prof. Carol Fuller


gender; confidence; empowerment; identity; social inequality; self-efficacy
Prof. Suzanne Graham

(Please note that Prof. Graham is not taking on any new PhD student in the 2022/2023 academic year)

foreign/second language learning in schools; foreign language reading and listening comprehension; language learning motivation; vocabulary
Prof. Richard Harris


action research; curriculum; history education; LGBT issues; teacher decision making; teacher development; agency
Dr. Jo Anna Reed Johnson education for sustainable development; comparative and international education; science education; leadership and management in education
Dr. Karen Jones


women and leadership; gender; identity; feminist and critical perspectives; leadership learning and development; learning transfer and impact
Dr. Holly Joseph reading development and difficulties including reading comprehension difficulties, dyslexia, bilingual reading development, reading comprehension in ASD, learning words through reading; reading for pleasure
Dr. Rowena Kasprowicz

(Please note that Dr. Kasprowicz is not taking on any new PhD student in the 2022/2023 academic year)

game-based learning; grammar teaching and learning; language analytic ability; second language acquisition; young learners
Dr. Daguo Li


second language motivation; knowledge management in L2 teachers’ professional development; transnational education (TNE)/international education
Dr. Nasreen Majid primary mathematic education; identify constructs in the field of mathematics education; diversity and inclusion
Prof. Elizabeth McCrum teaching and learning in Higher Education; history education, historiography, historical research; teachers’ knowledge, beliefs, lives and careers; qualitative methods, postmodernism, narrative and life history
Dr. Daisy Powell literacy acquisition; home literacy and language environment in children’s early reading development; role of modern technology in literacy acquisition; literacy development in bilingual populations
Dr. Rachel Roberts mentorship; discourse in education; initial teacher education; L1 English pedagogy
Dr. Geoff Taggart early years education
Prof. Cathy Tissot autism; disability; sexual identity
Dr. Natthapoj Vincent Trakulphadetkrai all aspects of (primary) mathematics education, but particularly mathematics and language proficiency; mathematics and literacy, the use of mathematical story picture books
Dr. Anna Tsakalaki literacy difficulties in different languages; SEN
Dr. Billy Wong

(Please note that Dr. Wong is not taking on any new PhD student in the 2022/2023 academic year)

identities of race/ethnicity, social class & gender; higher education
Dr. Anthony Zhang second language vocabulary teaching and learning; second language listening comprehension; language learner strategies