IoE Research Output Award

The Research Output Award(s) is given each year to the IoE member of staff whose research output is making a valuable contribution to knowledge, as assessed by the IoE Research Committee. It is assessed on its originality, rigour and significance.

To be eligible for consideration, the research output must be published between 31st May of the preceding year and 1st June of the year in which the prize is awarded.

Some of the recent winners include:



Flynn, N. (2019). Teachers and Polish children: Capturing changes in the linguistic field. British Journal of Sociology of Education, 40(1), 65-82. DOI:


Zhang, P. & Graham, S. (2019). Vocabulary learning through listening: Comparing L2 explanations, teacher codeswitching, contrastive focus-on-form and incidental learning. Language Teaching Research. DOI:



Wong, B. & Kemp, P.E.J. (2018). Technical boys and creative girls: The career aspirations of digitally-competent youths. Cambridge Journal of Education, 48(3), 301-316. DOI:



Trakulphadetkrai, N. V., Courtney, L., Clenton, J., Treffers-Daller, J., & Tsakalaki, A. (2017). The contribution of general language ability, reading comprehension and working memory to mathematics achievement among children with English as additional language (EAL): an exploratory study. International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism. DOI:



Fuller, C. (2014). Social Capital and the role of trust in aspirations for higher educational. Educational Review, 66(2), 131–147. DOI: