The Improving Equity and Inclusion through Education Research Group

This group brings together researchers who are interested in a range of issues all linked to the broad area of ‘Improving Equity and Inclusion through Education’. Specific areas of interest for group members include: education and social mobility; young people’s educational choices; special educational needs, inclusion and social justice; the role of parents, class, ethnicity and gender in educational engagement; outdoor play and provision; engagement, attainment and educational leadership and management to name just a few.

Group members are interested in researching issues across a range of levels and sectors including early years provision, schools, further education, higher education as well through particular subject areas and disciplines including science, mathematics, drama sociology, and psychology for example.

This research group aligns with the University’s Prosperity and Resilience theme which recognises that, ‘creating and sustaining prosperity while also enabling resilience is key to individual and social wellbeing. Both are complex challenges’ and this complexity is recognised in the research and interests of the IEIE group.



Current and recent research projects

  • Leading school learning through Covid-19 and beyond: Online learning and strategic planning through and post lockdown in English secondary schools (2021-2022). CI Alan Floyd. UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) – ESRC
  • Exploring female computing performance and subject choice in English schools (2021-2024). CI Billy Wong. Nuffield Foundation.
  • Mapping the characteristics of the ‘ideal’ university learner (2017-2019). PI Billy Wong. British Academy/Leverhulme Trust.
  • Girlhood: Raising aspirations and self-esteem through the outdoors (2015 – 2020). PI Carol Fuller. Ufton Adventure
  • An examination of the impact of the history residential programme at Ufton Court (2017-2018). PI Rebecca Harris. Ufton Court Educational Trust
  • An evaluation of the Nxplorers Programme – Stage 1 and 2 (2016-2018). PI Alan Floyd. Shaping Learning/Shell
  • 4Ps- Project: Practitioners & Parents Play Partnership – Strengthening practioner-parent collaboration through the use of CPD and play built on Froebelian principles and pedagogy (2016-2018). PI Maria Danos. Froebel Trust 
  • Raising aspirations and self-esteem through local social and environmental action, ownership and responsibility (2015-2017). P-I Carol Fuller. Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts
  • Being human: Discovering and advancing school students’ perceptions of the relationships between science and religion (2014-2017). PI Berry Billingsley. Templeton World Charity Foundation
  • Creating strategies for primary teachers to teach evolutionary science and its applications (2014-2015). PI Berry Billingsley. Wellcome Trust
  • Exploring the role of the Associate Dean in UK universities (2013-2014). PI Alan Floyd. Leadership Foundation.
  • Outdoor adventure activities and impact on the educational attainment and aspirations of underachieving children from lower socio-economic groups (2013-2014). PI Carol Fuller. Society for Educational Studies.


Postgraduate research proposals are welcomed in all the above areas. Detailed information about postgraduate research and how to make an application can be found in the Institute of Education’s Postgraduate Research webpage.