Our staff

As staff we are interested in a range of areas. These are mostly covered by two main themes:

Language and literacy in education

This area covers issues relating to the development of language and literacy in instructed, experimental and naturalistic settings. Our research considers many aspects of language learning and teaching in educational contexts but with a particular focus on the: development of, and pedagogies for, listening, reading, writing and vocabulary; language learning motivation especially at points of educational transition; and teacher development/cognition.

Improving equity and inclusion through education

This area is broadly linked to a range of topics, including education and social mobility; young people’s educational choices; special educational needs; inclusion, diversity and social justice; the role of parents, class, ethnicity and gender in educational engagement; educational leadership and management; women and leadership; and outdoor play and provision.

Some of our staff:

Helen Bilton

Fiona Curtis

Alan Floyd

Naomi Flynn

Catherine Foley

Carol Fuller

Suzanne Graham

Richard Harris

Karen JonesĀ 

Holly Joseph

Maria Danos

David Kerr

Nasreen Majid

Jill Porter

Daisy Powell

Natthapoj Vincent Trakulphadetkrai

Tim Williams

Billy Wong