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Sponsored by the local MP, Alok Sharma

Westminster Symposium


Promoting Educational Equality: from the bottom to the top 

Venue: Westminster Portcullis House, Attlee Suite

Date: 27th February 2018

Time: 14.00 to 16.00


  • Dr Carol Fuller, University of Reading
  • Fiona Craig, Managing Director Ufton Court Educational Trust
  • Conor Ryan, Director of Research and Communications at the Sutton Trust
  • Dr Matthew Easterbrook, University of Sussex
  • Gareth Morris, Executive Head at Claycots, Slough – the largest primary in the UK

Attendance is free but places are limited

Reserve a place by emailing c.l.fuller@reading.ac.uk

This symposium aims to consider the role and purpose of education in promoting equality and to discuss the longer term social impacts of the current UK system that prioritizes academic performance. The key focus will be to consider how best to promote much greater equality via a bottom up approach to education as well as how a more holistic approach to learning, via activities such as resilience building, could not only improve educational outcomes, but also support mental well-being and the character traits need to succeed in education, adulthood and society more generally