Having had academic life thoroughly upturned by Covid-19, many of us who had been hoping to attend conferences over the summer are left thinking about the possibilities of the new Zoom/Teams/Skype seminar format.

While this way of coming together has its challenges, it also presents the substantial benefit of making it easier for scholars from different universities to share ideas without the time and expense of commuting between campuses. With this in mind, the Reading EMRC seminar series for the autumn and winter terms is reaching out to early modernist across the south and south west, featuring scholars from Cardiff, Aberystwyth, UWE, Oxford, Exeter and Bristol as well as our own History and English departments.

This term’s contributors are:

October 05: Lauren Working (Oxford) ‘Coming of Age with Empire: Performing Colonization at the Inns of Court’

October 26: Alanna Skuse (Reading) ‘Biting one’s tongue: agency and autoglossotomy in The Spanish Tragedy’

November 9: Derek Dunne (Cardiff) ‘Where is the warrant in “I warrant thee”?’

November 23: Beth Bourne-Williams ‘Performing Domesticity at Cromwell’s Court 1653-1658′. and Kate Shaw “Women Writing About Women: Tracing a 17C Feminist Heritage”

December 7; Hannah Newton (Reading) ‘Illness and Recovery in the Early Modern World’

Seminars take place at 1pm GMT on Mondays over Zoom. To join, please email emrc@reading.ac.uk.