EMRC / SWW Seminars Spring 2024

Please join us for this term’s seminars: 


22 January

Thomas Roebuck and Sophie Butler (UEA), ‘Books and Communities in Seventeenth-Century Norfolk’s Civic and Church Libraries: Past Contexts, Present Challenges, and Future Possibilities’.

12 February

Christos Giannatos and Graham Kerr (Reading), ‘Atlantic Empires in the Eighteenth Century’.

26 February

Laura Sangha (Exeter), ‘“I geve and bequeth to thee my third best petycote”: English Wills and Attitudes to Possessions c.1540-1790’.

18 March

Phil Withington (Sheffield), ‘The Semantics of Slavery and Popular Print in Early Modern England’.


Seminars will be held on Mondays at 13:00 (GMT) on MS Teams.

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