Please join us for this term’s seminars:

17 January: Hannah Yip (Manchester), ‘ “Another confutation of my sermon in manuscript”: Discoveries in the Gateway to Early Modern Manuscript Sermons (GEMMS) database’.

31 January: Jasmine Kilburn Toppin (Cardiff), ‘Technical Knowledge, Experiment and Secrecy at the Seventeenth-century Mint’.

14 February: Niall Allsopp (Exeter), ‘Sermons and Ceremonies in Civil War Exeter: Local identity and national politics in poetry and preaching’.

28 February: Oliver Finnegan (National Archives), ‘Digitising Overseas Exchange: Lives and letters from the Prize Papers, 1625-1815’.

14 March: Noah Millstone (Birmingham), ‘Europe’s short peace, c 1598-1618: Preliminary findings from a research network’.

21 March: Joint paper:  Wendy Hill (Cardiff) ‘Reading Revenge Tragedy through prison therapy for sex offenders’  and Lydia Valentine (KCL) ‘Degenerating bodies: genealogy and whiteness in King Lear’

All meetings take place on Zoom at 1pm. Please email for the link