Please join us for this term’s EMRC / SWW seminars:

23 January, Lightning talks from Reading History PhD students:

Graham Moore, ‘”To mingle mercy with justice”: pardons, reprieves, and acquittals in 17th century pirate trials’

and Luke Walters, ‘”I will not be my own murderer”: the scandalous trial of Captain Kidd’.

6 February, Phillipa Hellawell  (The National Archives), ‘Commercial Experiments and West African Knowledge in the early eighteenth-century Royal African Company’

20 February, Lucy Underwood (Warwick), ‘The original (British) priest-harbourer: English Catholics, St Alban and the British past’

6 March, Rachel Foxley (Reading) ‘Political Polarisation in the English Civil War: a Digital Humanities analysis’

All seminars are on Mondays at 1pm on Zoom. Please sign up to our mailing list or email for the link.