Dr Andrea Monteagudo-Mera

Andrea Monteagudo-Mera is a postdoctoral research associate in the School of Biological Sciences (SBS) at the University of Reading. She received her PhD from the Universidad de Leon (Spain) based on the screening and characterization of potential probiotic strains. Then,she was awarded  with a fellowship from a Spanish Foundation to carry out her postdoctoral research work in the Microbiome Core Facility at University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill (US) (2012-2014). During this period she investigated the impact of prebiotic GOS in the intestinal microbiota and also collaborated in different projects analyzing and interpreting data of the gut microbiota of infants. As result of this appointment she acquired a significant experience in the analysis and interpretation of microbiome data obtained by Next Generation Sequencing tools. She joined the University of Reading in 2015 where she has been interested on the the intestinal microbiome and its modification by dietary intervention especially by prebiotics.



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