Dr Gemma Walton

Gemma Walton is a newly appointed lecturer in gut metagenomics at the University of Reading (August 2015) with extensive experience in conducting human intervention studies and using in vitro techniques to study the gut. Gemma has been working as Research Fellow and her research interests are the gut microbiota in health and disease and the use of pre and probiotics to alter the gut microbial balance. Her PhD was investigating the potential for prebiotics to help against the development of bowel cancer. This research focussed on potential benefits of butyrate and additionally included assessing faecal water genotoxicity changes in older volunteers pre and post prebiotic intervention. Gemma has co-supervised 4 PhD students to completion and currently is co-supervisor to 5 others. Gemma was the knowledge base supervisor to a knowledge transfer partnership postdoctoral researcher based in the company Cultech Ltd in Wales and is currently supervisor to a post doctoral researcher looking at the equine microbiota. Current research is looking at the interaction of gut bacteria with pharmaceutical ingredients.



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