The economic valuation, conservation and management of mangrove ecosystem services in Tobago

Niko Howai PhD Thesis

My PhD research is focused on a valuation study of mangrove forested sites in Trinidad and Tobago. In particular there are challenges in deciding on efficient utilisation of the mangrove forested area at the Bon Accord Lagoon in Tobago. The various stakeholders such as the government authorities, communities and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) such as environmental groups may have different interests and plans in how the site should be used. In one instance this research endeavours to determine how the communities surrounding the site value the mangroves. The valuation technique being used is choice modelling which is classified as a stated preference approach. More specifically a choice experiment will be conducted at various communities around mangrove forest areas to elicit willingness to pay estimates for a conservation and management programme of the area. The outcome of this research aims to provide support to the authorities in decision making and policy development in the allocation of the mangrove forest resources in Tobago.