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Ocean Group
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About Us

The ocean group is part of the Department of Meteorology of the University of Reading and is made up of all members engaged in ocean-related research. It is primary led by David Ferreira and Remi Tailleux.

The aim of the group is to enhance the understanding of the dynamics and thermodynamics of oceanic phenomena and processes and how they are represented in numerical ocean climate models. This aim is pursued using a combination of theory, diagnostics of observations and the design, execution and diagnosis of experiments using a range of numerical models.

The main aim of the group is to solve the equations of motion:

$$\rho \frac{D{\bf u}}{Dt}+2 {\bf \Omega}\times {\bf u} + \nabla p = - \rho \nabla \Phi + \nabla \cdot {\bf \Sigma}$$ \\ $$\frac{D\rho}{Dt} + \rho \nabla \cdot {\bf u} = 0$$

Processes of current interest are energetics and thermodynamics, ocean heat uptake, sea level change, thermohaline circulation, heat transport.