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This page intends to point you to potentially useful computing resources. The university’s IT help pages are usually a good first-stop for seeking help.


Python is the programming language of choice for many PhD students in the department. This section will link you to some introduction material, tips, and tricks for python.

  • An introduction to Python
  • Beware that Python 2.x and 3.x are subtly different languages:
    • Integer division doesn’t always behave as expected
    • print statements have different syntax
    • Some functionality is moved or replaced between 2.x and 3.x

Below is the first video in a YouTube series on basic Python.


Here are some resources to help with any MATLAB misfortune you may run into.


If you use R, this section is for you. Find some potentially useful tidbits below.


For many of us, LaTeX is the word processor or choice. This section will provide some introduction to LaTeX. Ask fellow PhD students (or even your supervisors) for templates for things such as Monitoring Committee Reports, and your Thesis. Several versions of these may exist for LaTeX within the department.

  • Many journals will provide citations in bibtex format. These can be copied and pasted into your .bib file
    • Use the \bibliography command to create a bibliography, and point to your .bib file
  • You may also find it useful to use a citation manager such as Mendeley.
  • The LaTeX bible (resource for how to do many formatting things in LaTeX).
  • Writing common mathematical symbols with LaTeX

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