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Department of Meteorology – University of Reading

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Dr. Andrea Dittus

Senior Research Scientist (NCAS)

Research Interests:

  • Global climate variability and change
  • Role of anthropogenic aerosol in historical climate variability
  • Historical and future changes in climate extremes
  • Stabilised climate projections at global warming levels (GWLs)

Other scientific interests and activities:

Research Projects:

  • GloSAT Project
  • From January 2024: Towards climate stabilisation: understanding changes in climate, climate variability, and impacts (NERC IRF)

Previous Research Projects:

  • Robust Projections of Real-World Climate Change (REAL Projections)
  • DOVE - Decadal Ocean Variability and East Asia
  • Securing Multidisciplinary UndeRstanding and Prediction of Hiatus and Surge events (SMURPHS)


Other information:

Centaur Publications

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