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Department of Meteorology – University of Reading

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Dr. Christopher Holloway

Associate Professor in Convection


MMet Coordinator (Undergraduate exchange programme with Oklahoma University)

Research Interests:

  • Interaction between convection and the large-scale environment
  • Tropical weather and climate (including the MJO, tropical cyclones, organised convection)

Research Projects:

  • Reading PI on FORSEA, a WCSSP SE Asia project that seeks to evaluate high-resolution forecasts of high-impact weather in Southeast Asia.
  • Reading PI on CIRCULATES, a NERC project that seeks to understand the effects of large-scale circulation and scale interactions on climate sensitivity due to cloud feedbacks.
  • Co-I on the Reading component of Phase 2 of the NERC-Met Office ParaCon project, which seeks a major advance in convective parameterisations in weather and climate models. This project is exploring high-resolution atmospheric simulations to provide constraints and testing for novel ideas of paraterising convection at modern climate-model grid resolutions.
  • Co-I on CASPER, a WCSSP India project that explores the potential benefits of ocean-coupled convection permitting simulations of tropical cyclones affecting India.
  • Work following on from my previous NERC Fellowship project seeks to identify the processes that lead to convective self-aggregation (spontaneous clustering) in idealized high-resolution model simulations and to explore the extent to which they are important for convective organization in the real world.
  • Ongoing work analysing high-resolution simulations over large tropical domains following on from the now-finished NERC-funded Cascade project.

Postdoctoral & graduate student supervision

  • Peter Hill is a PDRA on the CIRCULATES project investigating the interaction between large-scale circulation and convective processes and how this effects climate sensitivity due to feedbacks.
  • Samantha Ferrett is a PDRA on the FORSEA project investigating the skill of convection permitting ensemble forecasting systems in predicting high-impact weather in Southeast Asia, co-supervised with Professor John Methven, Dr Tom Frame, Professor Steve Woolnough and others.
  • Jian-Feng Gu is a PDRA on the ParaCon project investigating novel approaches to convective parameterization, co-supervised with Professor Bob Plant.
  • William McIntyre is pursuing a PhD on numerical methods for novel convective parameterisation approaches, co-supervised with Dr Hilary Weller.
  • Bethan Harris is pursuing a PhD on Available Potential Energy formulations and their applications for tropical cyclones, co-supervised with Dr Remi Tailleux and Professor Pier Luigi Vidale.
  • Godwin Ayesiga is pursuing a PhD on the interaction of convective activity in the Congo Basin with convective activity in eastern Africa, co-supervised with Dr Charlie Williams.
  • Kieran Pope is pursuing a PhD investigating interactions between radiation and convective organisation, co-supervised with Dr Thorwald Stein, Dr Todd Jones and Dr Michael Whitall (Met Office).
  • Bernard (BA) Racoma is pursuing a PhD on interactions between tropical tyclones in the northwestern Pacific Ocean basin and the Sierra Madre Mountain Range in Luzon, Philippines, co-supervised with Dr Nick Klingaman and Dr Reinhard Schiemann.
  • Shammi Akhter is pursuing a PhD on factors influencing the genesis and intensity of tropical cyclones in the Bay of Bengal, co-supervised with Dr Nick Klingaman and Dr Kevin Hodges.

Other interests

  • Associate Editor, Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences
  • Associate Editor, Atmospheric Science Letters

Centaur Publications

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