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Associate Professor Claire Ryder

Associate Professor

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Research Leadership:

  • AMCCA (Airborne Measurments of Charged Cloud and Aerosol) project Co-I, FAAM Research Runway project
  • DAZSAL (Diurnal vAriation of the vertically resolved siZe distribution in the Saharan Air Layer) project Co-I, ATMO-ACCESS TNA funding, working with the ASKOS project
  • Member of the FAAM research aircraft Scientific Advisory Group for the Mid Life Upgrade
  • NERC Independent Research Fellow: The Role of Coarse Mineral Dust in the Climate System, 2015-2022
  • Vice-Chair of inDust Cost Action Network WG1 (Observations)
  • Committee Member Lead for Royal Meteorological Society Atmospheric Science Conference 2021 Adaption and Resilience

Academic Leadership and Teaching:

  • Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Authority (HEA)
  • Co-ordinator for University of Reading and Oklahoma University Meteorology Undergraduate Exchange Programme (MMet Programme) and Meteorology Department Study Abroad Coordinator
  • MSc Academic Tutor
  • Teaching MT24B: Atmospheric Physics, Radiative Transfer

Research Interests:

  • Atmospheric mineral dust and aerosols
  • Aircraft observations of aerosols
  • Optical properties, microphysical properties and radiative effects of aerosols
  • Representation of mineral dust in models and satellite retrievals
  • Dust impacts on cloud, climate, weather, solar energy, aircraft, health, ecosystems

Current and Upcoming Research Projects:

  • AMCCA (Airborne Measurments of Charged Cloud and Aerosol) FAAM Research Runway project
  • DAZSAL: Diurnal vAriation of the vertically resolved siZe distribution in the Saharan Air Layer (EU ATMO-ACCESS TNA)

Research Group

Previous Group Members

  • Jon Elsey, PDRA working on the MAPP project (Metrology for Aerosol OPtical Properties)
  • Alcide Zhao, PDRA on the DAHLIA project (dust-climate interactions in East Asia)
  • Dhirendra Kumar, PDRA on the DAHLIA project (dust-weather interactions in East Asia)
  • Liang Guo, PDRA on the DAHLIA project (dust-climate interactions in East Asia)
  • Clement Bezier, Student internship partnered with Rolls Royce and ECMWF examining dust ingestion by aircraft engines at worldwide airports

Past Research Projects:

  • MAPP: Metrology for Aerosol Optical Properties (EU Horizon 2020)
  • NERC Independent Research Fellowship: The Role of Coarse Mineral Dust Particles in the Climate System
  • DAHLIA: Dust-AtmospHere-Land Interactions in East Asia (Newton Fund)
  • AER-D/ICE-D: Aerosol Properties - Dust / Ice in Clouds Experiment - Dust
  • EUFAR SAVEX-D: Sunphotometer Validation EXperiment - Dust in ICE-D
  • Fennec: The Saharan Climate System

MSc student supervision

  • 2023 - Alex Henry, Low-level jets in the central-western Sahara: comparing aircraft observations to model simulations
  • 2023 - James Kelsey, Settling dynamics of non-spherical mineral dust particles explored in the lab using 3D-printed analogues, co-supervised with Dr Chris Westbrook
  • 2022 - Ann Liya, How good are the New Pyrgeometers on the FAAM Aircraft? co-supervised by Dr Jon Elsey and Dr Stuart Fox (Met Office)
  • 2021 - Simran Chopra, Optical Properties of High Latitude Dust, co-supervised by Dr Alberto Sanchez-Marroquin (University of Leeds)
  • 2020 - Jianing Li, The Australian 2019/2020 Wildfire Season
  • 2020 - Marina Liaskoni, Radar observations of Giant Dust Particles during Ex-Hurricane Ophelia, co-supervised by Dr Chris Westbrook
  • 2019 - Ian Wan, The radiative role of enhanced water vapor within aerosol layers
  • 2015 - Mohammad Kashoob, The impact of dust size distributions on the Radiation Budget over the Sahara
  • 2013 - Zoe Jacobs, Dust and Radiation in the Sahara
  • 2011 - Laura Tyas, Dust and Atlantic Tropical Cyclones

Undergraduate student supervision

  • 2022 - Chen Chen, Evaluation of ECMWF CAMS dust forecasts during the ASKOS fieldwork in Cape Verde, co-supervised by Dr Angela Benedetti
  • 2019 - Rebecca Smith, Giant aerosol particles during storm Ophelia
  • 2017 - Kieran Pope, The impact of absorbing aerosols and cloud on the energy budget
  • 2014 - Mohammad Hassan, The Impact of Saharan Dust on Longwave Radiation from Aircraft Measurements
  • 2012 - Olivia Coleman, The Impact of megacities on air pollution
  • 2011 - Murad Mohamed, The Saharan Dust Season of 2010 and 2011
  • 2010 - Using a community weather station network to determine evidence for the London Urban Heat Island

Summer Students

  • 2023 - Max McDonald, NERC SCENARIO, The effect of diurnal heating in the SAL on dust size distributions during DAZSAL, and AMCCA radiosonde releases
  • 2019 - Adam Harland, NERC SCENARIO, The Impact of Cloud and Saharan Dust on Solar Energy Generation in the UK
  • 2017 - Luke Orgill, NERC SCENARIO, Assessing Instrument Sandblasting on a Research Aircraft

MSc Team Projects

  • 2023 - The 2020 ‘Godzilla’ Dust plume
  • 2017 - The Global Dust Cycle

Centaur Publications

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Number of items: 45.


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