Ellie Highwood

Professor of Climate Physics (1.5 days per week) &

Dean for Diversity and Inclusion (Job share, 2.5 days per week)


  • Managing research staff
  • Mentor 

Research Interests

  • The impact of atmospheric aerosol on climate and climate change
  • Measurements and modelling of aerosol radiative properties
  • Global climate model simulations of the impact of aerosol on climate

CURRENT Research Projects

  • The Effect of Changes in Aerosol Emissions on Regional climate of Europe and East Asia (CSSP- China, Newton Fund)
  • South West Asian Atmospheric Aerosol Monsoon Interactions (SWAAMI) – NERC
  • CLoud-Aerosol-Radiation Interactions and Forcing: Year 2016 (CLARIFY-2016)
  • South American Biomass Burning Analysis (SAMBBA) - NERC
  • Saharan West-African Monsoon Multiscale Analysis (SWAMMA) – NERC


  • Aerosol group

Other interests

  • STEM Ambassador working mainly with Primary Schools including “Scientist in Residence” role at Whiteknights Primary School, Reading (see Professor Ellie's Lab blog)
  • Science communication
  • Vice-President of the Royal Meteorological Society 2018-19 (having been President 2016-18)
  • Gender stereotypes research
  • Widening Participation
  • Mentoring and career development across and outside of the University
  • Flexible working and work-life blend
  • Women in Science and Women in Leadership

Centaur Publications

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Number of items: 69.


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