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Department of Meteorology – University of Reading

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Dr. Jon Shonk

MetOffice@Reading -- Senior Scientist

Web Pages

Group pages: Tropical Group; Clouds Group; Radiation Group.

For more information on my research, click here to visit my home page.

Research Interests

    My research interests span tropical meteorology, modelling the climate, atmospheric radiative transfer and interactions with clouds, and remote sensing of clouds.
  • Understanding the differences and nuances of projections of future climate across climate models, focussing on the global monsoons.
  • Identifying causes of model drifts in climate simulations.
  • Creating better representations of clouds in climate models.
  • Improving the accuracy of radiative transfer calculations.
  • Improving the quality of ground-based retrievals of mixed-phase cloud optical properties.

Research Projects

  • Real: Robust Spatial Projections of Real-World Climate Change.
  • SPECS: Seasonal-to-Decadal Climate Prediction for the Improvement of European Climate Services.
  • Preface: Enhancing Prediction of Tropical Atlantic Climate and Its Impact.


  • Shonk JKP, Chiu JC, Marshak A, Giles DM, Huang CH, Mace GG, Benson S, Slutsker I, Holben BN; 2019. The Impact of Neglecting Ice Phase on Cloud Optical Depth Retrievals from AERONET Cloud Mode Observations. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 12: 5,087–5,099. [PDF]
  • Shonk JKP, Demissie TD, Toniazzo T; 2019. A Double ITCZ Phenomenology of Wind Errors in the Equatorial Atlantic in Seasonal Forecasts with ECMWF Models. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 19: 11,383–11,399. [PDF]
  • Voldoire A, Exarchou E, Sanchez-Gomez E, Demissie T, Deppenmeier AL, Frauen C, Goubanova K, Hazeleger W, Keenlyside N, Koseki S, Prodhomme C, Shonk JKP, Toniazzo T, Traore AK; 2019. Role of Wind Stress in Driving SST Biases in the Tropical Atlantic. Climate Dynamics 53: 3,481–3,504. [PDF]
  • Shonk JKP, Guilyardi E, Toniazzo T, Woolnough SJ and Stockdale TN; 2018. Identifying Causes of Western Pacific ITCZ Drift in ECMWF System 4 Hindcasts. Climate Dynamics 50: 939–954. [PDF]
  • Hogan RJ, Shonk JKP; 2013. Incorporating the Effects of 3D Radiative Transfer in the Presence of Clouds into Two-Stream Multi-Layer Radiation Schemes. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences 70: 708–724. [PDF]
  • Shonk JKP; 2013. "Introducing Meteorology: a Guide to Weather". Dunedin Academic Press.

  • Shonk JKP, Hogan RJ, Manners J; 2012. Impact of Improved Representation of Horizontal and Vertical Cloud Structure in a Climate Model. Climate Dynamics 38: 2,365–2,376. [PDF]
  • Shonk JKP, Hogan RJ; 2010. Effect of Improving Representation of Horizontal and Vertical Cloud Structure on the Earth's Global Radiation Budget. Part Two: the Global Effects. Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society 136: 1,205–1,215. [PDF]
  • Shonk JKP, Hogan RJ, Mace GG, Edwards JM; 2010. Effect of Improving Representation of Horizontal and Vertical Cloud Structure on the Earth's Global Radiation Budget. Part One: the Parameterisation. Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society 136: 1,191–1,204. [PDF]
  • Shonk JKP, Hogan RJ; 2008. Tripleclouds: an Efficient Method for Representing Horizontal Cloud Inhomogeneity in 1D Radiation Schemes by Using Three Regions at Each Height". Journal of Climate 21: 2,352–2,370. [PDF]

Last update: 1st September 2023

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